Camp Cooking And Safety

camp cooking

Fond childhood memories of camping with our families often bring smiles and a wash of nostalgia in us. Now that you have a family of your own, it’s your turn to let your kids experience great camping time and have their own camping memories to bring home and cherish.

But making a camping trip a great family time is not all about fun and games. It’s not all about great food and great hiking. Sure, you have to bring your family to a nice camping site and create exciting and wonderful camping activities and games for them, but also one of the most important aspects of camping that you should never overlook is camp safety.

Safety during camping time, including cooking time with your Coleman stoves is one of your responsibilities that you have to take care of during a camping trip. Here are some safety guidelines you can follow to ensure your family of a safe and fun camping vacation.

• Never let children especially very young ones get too near the camping stoves or grills during cooking time. Should they want to assist, they can help prepare the ingredients or make the drinks.

• Educate your family about the “stop, drop and roll” method of putting off a fire on one’s clothing. Orient them about the things to do in case of scenarios where fire is involved. Make sure they know how crucial it is to remain calm to be able to respond better to emergency situations.

• It is best to store flammable liquids only in safety cans and metal containers, a good distance away from your tent, RV or any source of heat or open flame. Make sure you close the cap of the container tightly.

• Refill your stove at a safe distance away from any heat source.

• When pouring flammable liquids, use a funnel to prevent spills. Clean any spill at once.

• Use the recommended fuel for your stove. Do not improvise or use an alternative unless it is specified in the stove manual that it is permissible to use an alternative fuel. Use only what is indicated.

• Should the need for changing a compressed gas cartridge or refilling a liquid fuel container arise, let the stove cool down completely first before doing so.

• Put your Coleman stove on a level surface. If the ground is uneven or if there is snow, what you can do is place it on top of sturdy plywood to keep the stove warm and minimize the risk of it tipping over.

• Check the stove and its parts like hoses and tanks for any damage. Make sure that there are no bent valves, cracks on the hose or uncovered treads because these can cause dangerous leaks.

• It is always a smart idea to keep the fuel tank away from the camping stove.

• Never leave a lit camping stove unattended.

• Dispose empty fuel containers properly.

• Never use your Coleman stove inside your tent.

• Label fuel containers accordingly so as not to mistake it for water bottles.

• Carefully read and follow the instructions for using Coleman stoves.

Incidents of your kid getting a scald from the hot soup or you getting a burn from improperly lighting up the stove will certainly ruin a camping trip. Remember, a good camping memory consists of wonderful family bonding time, great camping site, spectacular views and a sumptuous but safe cooking fiesta.

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